Monday, September 17, 2007

T+7: I'm back at home, Richie isn't.

It's been a week since the transplant, and Richie is still in that "no fun" time where you get socked by the side-effects of the Melphalan. Richie ran a fever last night, which broke this morning. He is still feeling the sore throat from hell, however, and could only talk in short bursts until his throat got too painful and he had to rest his larynx. However, this is all to be expected in an SCT at this stage.

The ability to bi-locate would be a great supernatural talent to have. Unfortunately this is not AD&D, where if you have the right spell in your spellbook you can do it. I can only be one place at a time, and here is where I have to be.

As it is, being at City of Hope, I missed the delivery of Richie's keyboard. So one of the things keeping me here is waiting for FedEx Ground to deliver the damn thing. They are the abject WORST at keeping to a schedule. I remember when my refurbished ThinkPad 600e was being delivered from San Diego (San Diego! Just down the coast from me!) I waited a whole fucking day to get my package. A whole fucking day of having to be hypervigilant, lest FedEx play "ding dong ditch" with the package.

Anyway, the bastards have until 4pm. That's it. I'm leaving at that point, to go to Woodbury. I have to iron out some final things with the Business Office, and I also have a class to attend.

At least I was able to get a good night's sleep last night/this morning. That felt good.