Thursday, September 27, 2007

T+16 and T+17: three to get ready...

If you didn't get it, the last entry's subject line was a reference to the song "I Shall Be Released." And today, theoretically, is indeed the day Richie should be released from CoH. Dr. Forman confirmed it, and so have several other staff in the hospital, who have been dropping by and giving their best wishes.

Of course, it could be delayed for another day. If it is we're all screwed, because neither Richie nor I have extra clothes and I only brought enough meds for last night. Tim Snyder will be picking Richie up at 4pm. I suppose if he comes out for nothing it wouldn't be that bad...he only lives a few minutes away from here. I will also run out of cash (not money, thankfully) if I have to stay here another night.

The sticking point is the Hickman catheter. It's coming out before Richie leaves. With the staph issue it's a must.

So, keeping fingers crossed. Richie is rarin' to leave here. So am I. In fact, if it looks like there will be a delay I will have to leave, Richie or no Richie.

The waiting is the hardest part.