Saturday, September 8, 2007

Dose 1, Melphalan

Well, I'm at Hass Manor instead of CoH because last night I got almost no sleep. A random guy who identified himself as being from Children's Protective Services tried to gain access to the building through the security gate. I sensed an attempt by someone misrepresenting himself to "socially-engineer" his way into the building. I did not let him in, and called 911 asking if there was a legitimate Law Enforcement officer attempting to gain access to the building. They said "no." My spider-sense didn't fail me. However, I was so shaken up by the incident I couldn't sleep very well. Today I am totally dragging ass. Bleah. No 3 hour rides to and from Duarte for me today. I'm going to take a nap later and then see how I am later. I'm going to get Richie a headphone amp at Guitar Center.

Richie is actually quite happy to talk on the phone. Verizon says our landline can make unlimited calls all over the US with the package we have. I'm gonna hold them to it, because Duarte is a toll call. Richie got the Melphalan this morning and he's actually not doing too badly with it. They are taking a lot of precautions to make sure he doesn't get the mouth ulcerations, the nausea and vomiting, and the diarrhea. He was getting ready to eat lunch when I hasn't affected his appetite yet either.

Our good friend Tom Reed answered the call for the keyboard. He's bought one on eBay and it should get here soon. Thanks, dude.

Hopefully I will see Richie tomorrow. I hope that this asshole doesn't try to gain access to the apartment building again. I think I will sleep in clothes tonight in case I have to deal with this guy directly.