Tuesday, September 25, 2007

T+14 and T+15: Any day now, any day now...

So Richie now has his release date: Thursday.

The Hickman Catheter will be removed before that. If there will be a need for maintenance chemo, Richie will get another PICC line. The fact that the Hickman leads directly into the heart, and that he got a mild dose of staph infection at the entry site, suggests that for safety's sake the catheter has got to go. And this is not staph you can get from the outside: it's one of those nasty hospital strains. This suggests that, even though our house is a bit cluttered and not a showplace cleanliness-wise, we were able to keep Richie's vein access devices (VADs) nice and sanitary.

I don't have numbers now, but according to Dr. Forman he's pleased with Richie's progress.

By necessity, I'm playing hookey from College today and Thursday. I will have to go to CoH on Wednesday so that I can be there and help on Thursday.