Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Survivor day: 12/26/2007

This is the anniversary of when Richie was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. Richie is doing fine...yesterday we took a walk between our house and about 2/3 of the way to the hospital at which Richie was diagnosed, and I was more winded than he was.

Two more of our friends were diagnosed with cancer recently. One has a blood cancer that's basically a kissing cousin of what Richie has, the other has prostate cancer which I lost an uncle to a few years ago.

I know that Richie isn't out of the was explained to us that the only way to know that you have beaten multiple myeloma is to die of unrelated causes. Sort of like what happened to Peter Boyle...he died of a heart attack unrelated to his myeloma. However, we are quite hopeful for the future. Things aren't perfect: there are limitations we'd like to learn to work around right now. The maintenance meds that Richie's on need tuning, which is something to be expected considering that it's a new regimen.

It is likely we will not be updating this site in a while, but every now and again I'll post some bits about Richie's progress. Also there's the album recorded at the benefit'll come out. Eventually.