Sunday, September 23, 2007

T+13: too much!

OK, so maybe the Neupogen worked a little too well. On the 13th day after transplant, Richie's white blood cell count is now at 13. Remember I mentioned that normal is between 4 and 11? Other good stuff: platelets and red blood cells are in normal territory for the first time.

The last hurdle before we take Richie home is eating. Richie needs to be able to eat well before they let him go. He will not be taking home the big bag of IV formula. This is easier said than done because Richie's throat and other mucous membranes are still inflamed and peppered with sores...the sores are healing but they're still there. It is likely that a six or seven mini-meal approach will be better for him than three squares.

I'm going home this afternoon...I have tons of stuff to do between Monday and Thursday. However, everything changes when Richie needs to go home. I might have to take an absence that day if it happens on a school day. Hoping for 8 hours of sleep and a nice shower. I was able to shower in the Village on Saturday and back at home on Friday, but this morning I'm feeling the need for another one.