Thursday, September 13, 2007


Richie sounds really good today. He slept a lot, but after staying up all night with the hiccups some good sleep is just what the doctor ordered. They found something that worked to suppress the hiccup reflex, so sleep came easy for him.

Before I called him this evening he was up and around...he walked three times around the wing of the hospital.

Tomorrow I go to Duarte. I want to get out of here as early as possible. Gotta drop by the ATM, then it's time to grab the bus out. It takes me three buses -- one is a dedicated busway and so it's more like light rail -- a subway and one real light rail line to get there, and it takes something like 3 hours time-wise. But it's doable. Difficult but not impossible.

Off and on, I'm spending the weekend there. I will go out to Downtown for the Wired Next Fest and a LinuxChix LA meeting on Saturday, but I will get back to Duarte after that. Hopefully I won't get stuck in Pasadena...eep...