Monday, September 17, 2007

Still T+7, with news of keyboard arrival and improvement in Richie's status...

The keyboard arrived at exactly 1pm. It's in good shape, it's got 61 working keys, it has a great sampled piano sound, a fully General MIDI compliant sound set plus a bunch of extra sounds. This freed me up to get out to the local Mart Of Evil (it's within walking distance and Target is not, and besides Target is almost as bad with jawboning suppliers and mistreating employees as Wally*World is) to grab a few items that were needed.

The next time I stay at the City of Hope, I will sleep on an air bed instead of the torture device masquerading as a fold out chair bed. Richie will have all the underwear he needs for the rest of his stay. I now have a new soapy brush to wash dishes with...the one I was using was in bad shape and prolly loaded with bacteria.

I had better get some sleep. Tomorrow's a big day at school.