Friday, March 14, 2008

Slight return...

It's back. The remission had a good run, but myeloma is a wily beast that changes its spots regularly.

There's an excellent chance of this being beaten down once again with perhaps the same protocol used in induction therapy: Velcade, Doxil and Dextamethasone. The induction therapy was stopped because it was working so well they achieved a remission, not because the therapy had stopped working.

I had written here that there was not a lot found. This was my mistake, I misunderstood what Richie had said. There is a pretty big concentration of mutant cells in the sample, (60%) although the fact that the M-Spike is only 1.0 leads the doctor to suspect he hit a pocket of mutant cell activity with the biopsy.

One fact which militates in favor of a rapid return to remission after treatment: Richie is in better physical shape now than when he first presented at City of Hope in late January 2007.

Keep thinking good thoughts, praying, or whatever for him. That always helps.